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Home services are available from Tuesdays to Fridays. You can book directly on the website or call/text our WhatsApp rep for assistance. D`ue to the time and energy involved in commuting to your respective locations, there are some terms and conditions applied.

  • The client should be ready by the time stylist arrives at the location.
  • There is a 200ghc additional charge added to the service charge (i.e….. if the service you booked requested for is 400ghc in total, 200ghc will be added to it, making it a total of 600ghc ).
  • Transportation in and out of the location is catered for by the client (transport prices are relative to your location, which will be confirmed by the Uber driver, and a receipt will be provided to you on arrival at your location.
  • Clients should try as much as they can to reduce the times they get up from their seats when service is ongoing.


    All services aside CORNROWS AND PONIES gothrough a straight booking process without needing any approval (you will receive a confirmation text from BUKSLAY stating your appointment date, time, and booking code after payment is made).

    However, when booking for CORNROWS AND PONIES, the system automatically redirects you to our official WHATSAPP page, where you will be engaged by someone to know if you have a preferred style (this is to check for availability and help book you with the best possible stylist for your preferred style. When you both come to an agreement, she will approve your appointment and send you a payment link.

    As soon as payment is made, you will receive a confirmation text from BUKSLAY with all the necessary information.


    Sizes and Length prices

    Our sizes have been categorized into “ROWS” ( ie. 3 rows to 8 rows , with 3 rows being the biggest size and 8 rows being the smallest size ), However, pictures are provided to help you identify the size you want before proceeding to book .

    Our standard length is WAIST LENGTH (24″ ). Additional length comes a cost . (this will be added to the price indicated below your preferred style )

    226” = extra 50 ghc
    28” = extra 100 ghc
    30” = extra 150 ghc
    32” = extra 200 ghc
    34” = 250
    36” = 300 Ghc
    Note : every 2 inches attracts 50ghc increase in price

    Age Requirements

    We engage with clients 12 years and above. Children below 12 years may be considered in the near future as we revise our policies.

    As part of our measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, We do not encourage you to bring an extra person for your appointment as we are trying to reduce the number of persons in the salon at a time. In instances when you decide to bring them along(for other reasons), they may be asked to wait outside. Kindly bare with us!

    Service Requirements

    We do not work with dump hair. This is to make sure we provide you with the best possible result and outcome. Thus, you may be asked to wash your hair at the salon if it has been washed for more than 1 week (PERMED / NATURAL HAIR ); however, if you wish to wash your hair before coming to the salon, be sure to arrive with your hair thoroughly washed more than a week (PERMED HAIR ). For natural hair, be sure to arrive with your hair thoroughly washed not more than a week and blow-dried/threaded (depending on your hairstyle and preference) not more than a day.

    However, we can provide this service at a fee. Check through our catalogues for the price list of additional services we provide.

    Payments and balances

    All balances are due on your scheduled day of appointment. The client’s remaining balance can be paid with cash, mobile money, or credit/ debit card. The necessary transactional details would be provided to aid payment.

    For our foreign clients, we accept other currencies (USD $, POUNDS £) if you wish to pay with that at the current exchange rate.


    A flat deposit of GH₵100.00 is required for all hairstyles above GH¢100.00 and 50% for all hairstyles GH¢100.00 and below. This will initiate and secure your appointment which will be credited towards your total service bill. This is not refundable if you decide to cancel/reschedule your appointment with us without any prior notice (48 hours).

    However, when you do inform us within 48hrs to you appointment, you are entitled to a refund if you do not wish to reschedule.

    Kindly note that refunds is not done immediately as this is a programmed system, so be sure of the DATE and TIME when selecting.



    We accept walk-in services but this service is conditional ( that is , when a client walks in for any of our braids services and we are not expecting an already booked appointment or we are available at the time of entry, we would gladly provide the service to the client. However, in the event when we are busy at the time of entry and also expecting other appointments , we might decline the service or book an appointment for you on a different available date . Therefore, we encourage our clients who wish for walk-in services to call us before they set off just to be sure if we can accommodate them.


    Information collected from our booking page or website is only used if we need to contact you for further information regarding your appointment. Only employees with traceable logins have access to your appointment contact and or your payment history. Your information is never sold or shared to any third party and is always kept private for your protection. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in providing us with the information we need to best serve you.


    At Bukslay we strive to ensure the utmost positive and enjoyable experience for our clients and team members. Our team members understand that sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that can conflict with your scheduled appointment and therefore cause you to cancel. As a courtesy to other clients and our team members, we ask that any cancellations and rescheduling notice should be given 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
    Kindly note that, clients will be ask to forfeit their initial deposit if;
    ● Any cancellations are made without any prior notice (48hours)
    ● If clients do not show up on the day of appointment.

    Late cancellations and missed appointments leaves gaps in the stylist’s schedule that cannot be filled without timely notice. This 48 hours prior notice enables us to schedule other clients, and in turn, maintains availability of services for you and other salon clients.


    Our goal is for each client to love their preferred hairstyle results. In the event that you are dissatisfied with our service(s) below is our refund policy for your perusal:
    Services received cannot be refunded, However, we will gladly adjust any service you receive within three (3) days of your appointment. If you are not satisfied with the work performed, please send us a message by any means possible including a video or photo to help us understand what you mean better.
    When the issue is confirmed, we will make every effort to correct any problems to your satisfaction by rescheduling you with a stylist at no additional charge to you.


    Please be sure to arrive on time for your appointment. Arriving 30 minutes after your appointment time may result in your appointment being rescheduled or cancelled .


    Bukslay Hair Services gladly accepts CASH payment /BANK TRANSFER via BUKSLAY PAYMENT LINK.

    OUR FAQs

    Will I be required to wash my hair when I come?

    Yes, we do not work with damp hairs so we would ensure that you wash it before work commences. Your hair must be clean and dandruff free. Kindly note that, additional charges may be applied for the following:

    • Hair isn’t properly blown out – GH₵ 30.00
    • Washing of hair – GH₵ 80.00 or GH₵ 100.00 depending on the product used.
    Do i have to make a deposit payment when booking for an appointment?

    Yes, an amount of GH₵ 100.00 is required as a deposit to initiate and secure your appointment when booking. This would be credited towards your service.

    Where can I find the address to my appointment?

    Spintex manet junction (frimps oil fuel station) BUKSLAY on bolt or Uber

    Please use this link

    What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

    To reschedule appointments booked online, kindly check your confirmation text for your booking code, then text it to the WhatsApp number providing your old and new preferred dates. Rescheduling should be done 48 hours before your scheduled date.

    Do you work with all types of hair?

    Yes, if you have any concerns pertaining to Alopecia, thin hair or thick hair, be sure to book for consultation (free) before booking for an appointment. Please note, the goal is to make your hair look as natural as possible so you need to allocate time for it.

    Do you work with colored hair?

    Yes, we do work with colored hair. Also, kindly note that there may be a tucking fee added to your services if your natural hair is blonde, and you booked for braids with black braiding hair.

    What is the required hair length before booking an appointment?

    Before booking, kindly make sure your hair is at least 2 inches long for single braids and 4 inches or longer for cornrow braids. Be sure to book for consultations (free) when you have other concerns. This is critical to us.

    Can I bring my kids or others to my appointment?

    With our age requirement policy, only children 12 years and above are permitted as clients. Nevertheless, you must come alone for your appointment if you are the only person booked. This is to reduce the number of persons in the space at a time due to our COVID-19 protocols. In other cases, the person(s) might have to sit and wait outside.

    What happens if I’m late to my appointment?

    If you are running late, please contact your braider in advance via text or phone call. However, if you are more than 30 mins late, your appointment might be rescheduled or cancelled.

    Is washing my hair required ?

    Yes ,(no damp hair). Your hair must be clean and dandruff free. Additional charges may apply for the following -Hair isn’t properly blown out GHS 10.00 -washing of hair GHS 30.00 or GHS 50.00 depending on product used.

    How long will my services take?

    Please review your desired style for the service duration time. The service duration may be extended depending on the client or the hairstyle. To get the best experience at BUKSLAY, we ask that you plan your day accordingly.

    What happens if I don’t show up for my appointment and If I didn’t reschedule?

    Unfortunately, your minimum deposit will not be refunded and your appointment will be nullified, hence, no more active.

    How should I come to my appointment?

    Clients should arrive for their appointment well rested as vitality is key. Air Pods or headphones are adviced for calls and entertainment. Be nice, bring positive vibes and please be picture ready (not mandatory). We always ask for you permission .

    Where can I find the hair braiding catalogue?

    Kindly browse our styles; when you finally select a desired style, it will be indicated in the description box if we have the hair or need it from a vendor (we recommend vendors .)

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